Fabien Le Frapper

YouTube & Django security middleware

Published 2022-03-20

Django's defaults security settings can prevent from embedding Youtube videos.


When embedding Youtube videos in a Django project, use:

SECURE_REFERRER_POLICY = "strict-origin-when-cross-origin"

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Embed link

On a recent Wagtail project, I embedded YouTube music videos using the embed feature (based on oEmbed specification)

Others had reported this issue before for copyrighted content or video without embedding allowed. The content I was trying to embed is definitely copyrighted and with embedding allowed.

In a Codepen I could display the video properly.

I looked at the project settings and couldn't see any causes expect from the Django Security Middleware. I turned it off and I could see the video :tada:. It seemed that some security settings didn't let the browser load the video.

Wagtail applies the default configuration from Django Security Middleware, it's the standard way of bootstrapping a new project through the official wagtail start command.

I looked at the Django Security Middleware documentation and various security settings I could tweak.

After toggling settings one by one, I found the culprit: SECURE_REFERER_POLICY.

This setting relates to the Referer HTTP header which gives information about the page making a request (i.e. the request's origin). Moreover, this setting directly interfaces the Referrer-Policy HTTP header which controls how much information the Referer HTTP header contains.

The default value for Django is same-origin, which sends information only for request on the same domain. In this case, a request to youtube.com won't send any Referer HTTP header.

Youtube requires the Referer HTTP header set when embedding some videos.

I ended up setting the following in my configuration:

# settings/base.py
SECURE_REFERRER_POLICY = "strict-origin-when-cross-origin"

Some possible reasons of why Youtube requires the Referer HTTP header:

Thanks to nobe4 for the rewrite proofreading.